John French

Web Designer & Developer
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  3. I'm a web designer and developer.
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I'm a web designer.
I believe that every functional thing can also be beautiful. So, from paper mock-ups to Photoshop to wire framing - I love working on teams that create clean, elegant, and accessible designs.
Designer + Code = Developer.
Okay, maybe it's not always that simple, but I love understanding what makes things work. I love taking interfaces and turning them into functional websites and apps, and am excited about the future of the web. JavaScript is a crazy language, but I love it. I’ve loved using CSS since I was a kid, and now I obsess over sass best practices, web performance, and making the web feel as good as any native app.
I'm Passionate.
I work hard and I care about what I do. I love to learn new technologies and methodologies. I love to push myself into new areas. I love web accessbility, and all things web development. Development teams need people that love the fact that this field is ever-changing, and who will put in the time to make informed decisions about what stack to use. Lastly, I am a firm believer in open source and try to support FOSS projects whenever I can.
UI User Interface Design

Interfaces should delight the user every time.

I believe that user interfaces should be clean, compelling, and elegant. But design should never be for design's sake alone - we should always be striving to give the user the best functionality with the most beautiful tools. I'm drawn to minimalism and awesome typography, I nerd out over style guides, and I love finally getting to build out interfaces and watch users interact with them.

Case Study:
Tesla Motors Mobile UI Design

While I was examining the Tesla Motors website, I found a discrepancy between the functionality and attention to detail between the sleek desktop site and the functional, but lackluster mobile site. I set out to solve some of those problems with a UI redesign that would extend up to the desktop and provide a truly responsive and more usable experience.

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UX User Experience Design
illustration of user experience design

Content should be usable for everyone.

Accessibility and comprehensive usability is far too often ignored by the design and development community. But I've found that paying attention to all users yields better designs, content, and results. Are our buttons the right size? Does our color scheme provide enough contrast? Can we easily navigate our site with a keyboard alone? What happens if the user has CSS or JS disabled? These are questions I love to ask and provide solutions for. Usability in design and usability testing is essential for a successful product. And since these technologies and trends are constantly changing, teams need someone like me who actually enjoys reading article after article about whether or not hamburger menus are the way to go, or how use polyfills for IE compatability.

Case Study:
Usability Improvements for

While the text editor of choice is a fierce topic of discussion for developers, Atom is one I've come to love and use (even as I type this case study right now). You can [find out more about Atom here]( For this case study, I take a look at Atom's official site and hopefully uncover some difficult-to-spot usability problems, while making the site better and more accesible through my contributions. What's better than helping improve platforms you love?

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Dev Front End Development
var developer = new Object(); = "John French";
developer.skills = "web design & development"
developer.forHire = true;

var company = new Object(); = "Your company";

var hireMe = function(){
  var message = document.getElementById('message');
  message.innerHTML = + " should hire " +
    + ' for ' + developer.skills + '.';


Putting it all together.

Okay, okay - the code snippet above is silly and super simple. But the fact that I love spending the time to color that snippet just for a bad joke, or hide easer eggs in the source code of my site, should tell you that, for me, front-end development is my ultimate passion and my greatest strength. Building out interfaces and making them functional is my favorite part of the design process. I love getting to write clean, maintainable code. I love learning new techniques or best practices, and I try to stay on top of the latest technolgies while still keeping one foot in tride and true principles of good web development.

Case Study:
UGA CAES Redesign

The web presence of the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia is a complex network of sites, pages, and databases that was in dire need of a massive overhaul. Through in-depth research audits, UI/UX redesign, thoughtful web development choices in line with modern standards, and extensive testing, we were able to completely repackage and re-deliver both the public facing site as well as the internal CMS.

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