Oak House UI Design

Gresham Cash (of the band Oak Hosue) Plays guitar with a lit cigarette in his mouth


Oak House is a great new band out of the Southeast. I had the pleasure of working with them on these interface design concepts for direction on their new site. They have so much raw energy and power in their music, it was incredibly fun to try and capture that in the design.

View the Oak House UI

For this design, we definitely wanted to go with something that was immediately jarring. As a band, they have a great juxtaposition of beautiful lyrics and melodies with, loud high-frequency rock influences. I wanted to capture that beauty and that ferocity in the designs. All the images (taken by Jake Gee) are beautiful, yet display motion or emotion. The color scheme ranges from washed out color tones to black and white - and I thought it was important to keep both in. The music of Oak House keeps you guessing, and I wanted the design to do the same. It needed to be consistent in the global sense, but also have new elements of personality on each page.

You can listen to their music here.